So I have decided to buy a toneport and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions? I know about the POD's but that's pretty much the only toneports I know anything about. So any suggestions or information you guys could give me? I guess I just want to do self recorded stuff. Like buckethead, Greg Howe, Periphery, idk I have a whole range of music I like to play so anything that can give good and diverse tones and effects and records well/easily.

I am also looking for some recording software. I know there's protools but, like the toneports, Idk about any other recording interface/software. So any information on that too would be greatly appreciated.
ive got a toneport gx and its damn sweet,there are better models now but it does the job,i suggest starting off with audacity although people say reaper is quite good.
Reaper is infinitely better than audacity. Give the free trial a go.
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