Yeah, I know, I already did a cover, but this idea came to me last night, so I decided to finish it up and see how it sounds. The vocals are rough because I didn't really have time to record them and Reaper screwed them up a bit when I was recording. This is also the second song I've ever let people listen to me sing on, so some general comments on them would be appreciated (because of the problems I mentioned and some pitchyness I'll probably be re-recording tomorrow or Friday for the final version).


Edit: Updated version below.
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please stop covering this song.

guess I'll listen.

Okay. First, your guitar tones aren't good. They're just real fuzzy. I've heard a lot worse though.
The lead parts and "yeah" vocals sound pretty fair from :08-:12 but the next half are bad.

When the song starts, the vocals are just too quiet. The whole track's mixing could use a lot of improvement.

I hear like the movements of a microphone or something in the background. That's a pretty big flaw. There's a ton of noise in the track too.

The chorus music sounds pretty good but the original melody doesn't fit over it well. You should either change the melody or play the original progression.

The vocals aren't the worst, but they're not that grand. Your tone is a lot more appealing than in the original, but your pitch is the opposite. The melody is just all over the place.
Like honestly, needs moar autotune.
No seriously. Learning to sing properly would help it sound much better though.
Some of the harmonies weren't too bad nonetheless.

Now, the guitar solo/ third verse.
I don't understand.. why would you put a rapping verse AND a guitar solo on top of each other? It just sounds like a wall of noise. Pick one or the other or give them each a separate spot. That sort of thing just never works. There's too much going on.

Another issue is the timing in some places. Like at 2:48. It's really wrong there. Part of the chorus starts at the wrong spot and the transition is very rough and doesn't sound natural.

Overall, it wasn't too grand. There were a lot of neat ideas in it though like the chorus.
Out of all the Friday covers I've heard though, this one is probably the best.
If you properly recorded everything, had some better guitar sounds spent much work on getting everything just right, hit all the notes accurately with singing, fixed up some parts of the arrangement like the chorus, and gave it a good mix then this would be pretty good.
I like this cover. I thinkl you should leave the vocals alone, except the few breaths into the microphone. The guitar parts, I thought were creative, and I like the tone, because of all the fuzz. Your lead parts were just a little forced at times, but I wouldn't worry about that too much. Overall, I think it was a good cover. Nice job!
The problem I'm having with recording vocals is keeping the mic in the same place, so that really affects the volume. There's also a lot of noise because my mic records at a ridiculously low volume and when I make it louder, it makes the static louder too. I also know about the pitch problems and I couldn't really fix it since I had to do it in one take (two if you count the small parts in the second vocal track).

As for the rapping/solo, I wasn't sure how white I was sounding, so I did the solo as an improvised backup thing.

I know what you mean about the fuzzy guitar though. I can't seem to find a proper tone that doesn't sound funny, but I thought I had a tone I was fine with (I guess I just stopped noticing it).
Let me ask - how are you recording your guitars?

As for having to do it one take then that's totally understandable. I'd hate to have to just do one take and hope I nail it. xD
How come you can't do multiple takes?

You should download Reaper and use that.

What kind of mic do you have? do you not have a stand of any sort? just a random usb mic? like I have some guitar hero mic or something and recording with it is something I totally wouldn't do but my desk has this sort of roof.. on it. so I can put the cord around it so the mic hangs in the air. like if I wanted to make sure it didn't move.
so maybe that can give you an idea on trying something.

though if you're serious about recording you can get a good condenser mic and interface for relatively cheap and it'd be more than enough to get some good quality so your recordings could sound a lot better.

and as for the rapping part, I get what you mean. actually being good at rapping helps. (I'm not saying you aren't. I didn't really pay much attention because that section was so busy.)
Sometimes voices might come off as weak.
What you can do is triple-track your rapping parts. If you do it tight enough, it can sound great. Or you can just adlib them. Loads of rappers do that and it sounds awesome.

Though I wouldn't recommend double-tracking vocals until you have a good way to record vocals properly because right now you'd get a ton of noise between like three tracks going on.
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Let me ask - how are you recording your guitars?

It's a usb interface. I also run my mic through it, but since it's a 1/4" plug instead of the regular mic cord, I can't adjust its volume on it. I use Amplitube for the tone and I do record in Reaper.

Quote by TechnicolorType
How come you can't do multiple takes?

Cause I don't really want my family to hear me sing :P

Anyways, I did another take, which I will post as a Youtube vid soon.

Edit: Here it is - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOtAnyQ-iq0
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Quote by Zao_89

Cause I don't really want my family to hear me sing :P

Anyways, I did another take, which I will post as a Youtube vid soon.

Edit: Here it is - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOtAnyQ-iq0

Just take your time to record vocals, no need to rush
I really liked the cover overall but of course the vocals could use some work.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1426530

It's a similair to your cover style.
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