Well Ive been listening to a lot of bands but Within the Ruins pops out pretty nicely now. I wrote this kinda with them in mind. The other guitarist helped out a little. I'm thinking of ways to organize them to flow a little better. It's kinda obvious which riffs stand out and which don't. Tell me which ones you guys like and what others you don't.

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Could I get at least one critique :/
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Intro : Meh, I didn't really like it. It wasn't bad by any means, just not really my style.

A: Cool section. The quarter note into the half note bends (if that makes sense) were well placed. I often feel that quarter note bends are used wrong, but you placed them well.

B: Awesome lead, very "disjointed", which gave it a super techy feel.

C: Very nice riff, really groovy. My favorite riff of the bunch.

D: Nice sweeps, could be a cool interlude.

Intro riff again.

Last riff : Quite liked the rhythm. I assume this was meant as the beginning of a solo. If so I would definetily continue with it.
Y'all don't say that
Intro: I'm not sure on the first few bars, but I quite like the ascending bit on bars 4-6. The rest of it... as the other guy said, yeah, not really my thing.

A: I'm not sure on section A either to be honest. I very much dislike all the bends, but I do like how it breaks on bar 16, works very well! I like the way the double bass works here as well.

B: As the guy before me said, yes, awesome broken up lead. I love the really basic rhythm here as well. The crashes towards the end also work, good job here.

C: Technical. I find it very nice. I love the really low sound of the seven string here.

D: I hate the little solo, which is a shame because the rhythm here is good. I found it much better with that solo muted out. Not a fan of the second half I like it alot after bar 62 though - those dark notes worked very well and I think what you've done with the fading lead is rather unique.

Crit mine?

Overall pretty cool song

intro was awesome, i liked how the rhythm changes and the harmoniezz

A: this was nice riff and it really fit into the song

B: didn't really like this part mostly because of the lead, i would change it so the lead guitar plays little different rhythm and (i know it guitar pro but still) put some reverb to it

C: this part shines with the seven string guitar I like it. It has that fast-paced feel for a lack of better words

D: solo sounds neat but it isn't that original im afraid. transition back to intro riff works

The outro could go on for a little further, it's one the best parts of the song imo.
I thought the lead had somekind of egyptian feel to it really nice.

Drums were kind of blank throughout the whole song, i would work on them, maybe throw some bigger drum fills here and there