Hey guys, if there was a piece of music that went like this:

---12--14--15--17b-- Would you use your pinky to bend the A or would you
------------------------- slide your third finger up to it??

Thanks, Adam
You could slide your ring finger up and bend or use the pinky. I'd use my pinky, though. It's more economical in terms of motion.
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Don't just use one fingers to bend. I would most likely fret the note with my pinky but use all the fingers behind it to help with the bend as the pinky is not as strong as the other fingers.

^^^^This. That's how i do it. Easiest for me.
I'd recommend using the pinky but personally, I'd probably use the ring.
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noway i could bend using my pinky slide unless you're using your other fingers to help as well but it's still pretty awkward
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I'd change it to that if you're not coming up along the top string. I just like scale shapes though.
: )
Depends. If I was changing positions up the fretboard I'd slide up, but if I was staying at 12th I'd use my pinky. As for support, I would unless it was just a quarter step or something.
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I'd likely just slide my ring finger up. I personally have much more control with my other fingers (trust me, I've tried with my pinky.) Depending on the type of music, the slide may actually fit better, too.