Hey guys,
At the end of november i was involved in a roll over accident in my pickup and had some glass cut into my left hand and damaged the tendon of my index finger. It's been interesting to basically re-learn the guitar after playing for 9 years.
It's changed my technique drastically, for the better actually.
But my question to everyone is: has anyone else injured their fret dancing hand, and if so, what were some ways you rehabilitated your hand to gain your strength and dextarity back?
Thank you.
Gotta do just what you said, man - start over on that hand. I didn't hurt my fret hand, thankfully, but I shattered the plate under my knuckle, and fractured the bones both in front of and behind it. With a pick it's not bad, but when I play fingerstyle on guitar or bass I can definitely feel a dramatic difference in that finger.
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damn dude that sucks i dont think i ever want to drive and i just got my permit.
dave mustain had a hand injury he had to start from zero all over again.
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