What sort of songs have some basic slap that I can start off with I do love chilli peppers stuff but all the ones I heard are just ridiculous. I just need a few songs to get started off with I know how to slap and pop but I dont have any song ideas to help learn to get more comfatable with it.

So any ideas would be appreciated
Can't stop. That's possibly the easiest chillis song to learn dude, that's what I started on.
Hope this helps
Try "What It Is", a very old song from RHCP. It's off their first album from 1983, and not too difficult.
Seriously, Flea isn't the best slap bass player and his technique isn't the best to learn from.
Look up the old funk guys that started it. That is Larry Graham, and Louis Johnson. The stuff may seem daunting at first but work towards it.

I always recommend thumbing parallel to the strings instead of perpendicular to them.
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I personally didn't start with songs, I think its better to have a technique grounding before you use songs as a learning base. What I did to start with is slowly play the notes of a scale ascending a single string, popping the octave above it too. Branch out with different permutations and rhythms. In this case, you have got to start thinking of the bass as a percussive instrument.

Mark King explains it best as ''drumming''; check out some of his chops.
I have a couple of song suggestions:

Funny Vibe & Which Way To America - Living Color
Woodpecker From Mars - Faith No More
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Also to speed up your slap bass technique, try playing songs you can already play, but use slap instead... I did this with songs such as out of control by rancid and animal I have become by 3 days grace.