Hey I'm really into 2 handed tapping on bass, but the one thing that frustrates me is I loose volume. Would a compressor solve this problem? Does anyone have or used to have this problem and know a way to fix it?
Compressor does help.

What helps more is extensive practice. Tapping is a real art.
Eventually you will be able to keep up the volume. Another thing is to play lighter the rest of the time. Most bass players pluck too hard to begin with.
Compressor might help, but in the end it comes down to finger strength.
for right hand strength kep your thumb on the side of the fingerboard. the leverage gives you 10X more voume.
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I hate compressors, I have a piece where I start two hand tapping after a slap riff, I get the volumes even enough, the dynamic change is only enough to notify a change in the piece.
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