I am planning to get my second guitar. I am looking in the range of $800-1400($1400 only if it is a REALLY good guitar). I was looking at three different guitars, and I will just say them in no particular order. One of them is the Gibson Les Paul Studio. I like the looks of it and have heard good and bad things about it. I like the wine red with gold hardware but the faded cherry is $800, whats the difference. I am also thinking about the Fender American Standard Stratocaster. I have played this one in the store and like. I was thinking on putting a Floyd Rose Tremolo on it. I would 110% ruin the guitar if I did it so i would take it to Guitar Center. How much would it be if I wanted Guitar Center to put a Floyd Rose on for me? The last guitar of the three is the Schecter Custom C-1 FR. I have heard that Shcecters very nice and are worth the price tag. What do you think I would be better off with?

Some have maple tops, the cheaper ones don't.

It would be very expensive to retrofit a guitar with a floyd. And it could ruin the tone, because you have to literally route out part of it. They'd have to strip the guitar down, take off the finish, and then route it, sand it, install the floyd, refinish it, and put it back together. Not worth it. If you want a strat with an OFR, go Warmoth.

Honestly, it comes down to preference. I'd go with Warmoth. It'll be at the top of your spectrum, price-wise, but will also be the best. If you don't want that, play as many LP Studios as you can to find a great one. And play the Schecter, because many (including me) don't like their necks.
Whats your amp? What music do you play? What bands do you like?
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if ur gunna get a strat get a G&L legacy...much better and if u look into the company ull see that Leo fender like G&L better after he parted from fender(Leo created G&L)...Find a store that sells them and try one out got mine for 1100 and i played both before i made my decision but the G&L is a lot better
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