Hello, this summer I will be working and I would like you opinion on wich guitar I should buy. I have 2 choices:
1- Schecter Blackjack ATX Solo 6 with
-EMG/HZ (passive) pickups
-24 frets
-Schecter Locking Tuners
-Ebony Fretboard
-1 Volume knob + 2 Tone knobs
-500 CAD$


2- Epiphone Prophecy Futura Custom EX with
-EMG Pickups (don't know if active or passive I will know soon)
-22 frets
-1 Vol. knob + 2 Tone knobs
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Well I was more thinking about the epiphone because I like the explorer form more than the Blackjack ATX but for the quality I'm not very sure... And also I forgot to tell you that I mostly play trash/heavy/death/metalcore so I don't know wich guitar is the best for that...
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The Futura Prophecy has actives if i remember correctly.

Anyways if you're really set on getting one those two, totally different guitars, then I'd go for the Schecter.

You could get higher end Schecters / Ibbys / LTDs with that money if you go used.
ok I will check tomorrow if the Epihpone has active or passive pickups because I have guitar class in the local music store.
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Quote by Grawgos
Why do you only have 2 choices?

Why not look at an ESP EX or FX?

Because the music store in my city does not have ESP guitars. the best brands are Gibson/Epiphone, BC Rich and Schecter. I'm not sure but I think there is some Ibanez too.
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anyway I've tried both model and I feel more comfortable on the Epiphone so maybe it will be my choice if I have enough money at the end of the summer. Anyway thanks for the advices.
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