Thank you! I really friggin love this song. It suits my voice absolutely perfectly IMO. I get to sing nice n low for the most part then I get to belt the ever livin hell out of the last refrain! lol
Nice cover bro, you're really going for it at the end there!
What's the difference between a chickpea and a lentil?
I've never paid to have a lentil on my face!
just perfect!, i dont know the original song, but your voice is ****ing great, the playing perfectly complemented it, and u were so very expressive. congratulations! id love to hear some pearl jam or lynyrd sknrd stuff

check this video if you can u dnt seem like the kind of guy who would listen to this but any comment is appreciated
Miracle Man - Thanks a ton. And yep, you HAVE to go for it! haha.

LowB - Thanks for the view. Very few songs allow me to showcase the bottom end of my range like this one, which I think is why I love it so much.

eltinchox - Thanks for the compliment on the voice. I covered Black a while back in the vein of Aaron Lewis; and Simple Man is somewhere in my queue.
How can someone say they don't know the original of this song? Bob Seger is amazing...

I feel like if you lay off on some of those high strings (the E and B strings), your guitar will work better with your voice. I guess I'm just used to hearing the song with mainly just bass/low notes on a guitar.

Your voice fits this so perfectly, it's insane. Great work.

If you got some time, could you check out some of my stuff.
Jeff, I agree on my voice fitting the low end of the guitar better, but I feel the higher notes are what contrasts my voice and fills the sound more. And thanks for watching the video man! I have a ton more on here if you wanna look at a few.

cub0ne; I actually posted this way back in March, before my current flood haha. Surprised this thread got necrobumped, but I'm pleasantly surprised.

eltin, I have the Black cover on my FB. I'm thinkin about re-covering it soon with my new setup.