first of all, I'd like to apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I'm kind of a noob right now

back to the point. I replaced my strings on my Ibanez RG, and now there is this weird problem, the bridge is rising, a lot higher than it is supposed to be.
What I did at first was loosen a bit of tension from the springs, that only helped a bit. Later(2 hours later to be precise), I found out that the guitar was out of tune again, so obviously I tuned it. But I noticed that the bridge had gotten even higher after tuning!

my thoughts are that tuning the strings are pulling the bridge up, I can't just stop tuning my guitar. Are there any Ibanez experts out there that can help me out?
If it's pulling up, you should be tightening the springs not loosening them.

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^ this. Make sure to detune the strings some so they don't break while you tighten the springs. Tightening them will pull the bridge closer to the body.
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Loosening the springs will let the strings pull the bridge away from the body. Tighten the springs.
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