so i was talking to a friend about amps, and he recommended a model with a **** shit piss load of effects built in, and i explained that i hate effects and prefer a regular clean and a raw distortion tone, i hate effects and i feel that they ruin the sound. and he started acting like a smart ass and calling me stupid and crazy. am i the only one who prefers a raw tone with no effects or anything?
It's not really our job to make you feel better about getting into a pointless about personal preference.
No, I think you and your friend have just stumbled upon the wonders of "subjectivity."
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Does it even matter? It's preference.

For the record, I don't use any effects, not because I don't like them, but because I never felt like spending the money on them
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Yes, I prefer just clean or just distortion. I may throw an overdrive on top of the distortion for extra sustain for solos, but that's about it. On cleans I may use a bit of chorus or delay for some more dreamy/sparkly tones.

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I've recently been bitten by the effects monster - which is a shame they have minimal effect on my sound - until this weekend when I pick up my like-new JCA50h