basically i dont want to spend money on guitar pedals and ive either seen or heard of software that has all the guitar effects you can want and you just need to have a hook up to your computer to use the guitar with them.

so is there software like that out there and if so where can i find it and how much is it?
I assume you're talking about recording because if you're talking about using the software effects live...then no.

I've yet to play through any VST plugins that actually sound like the real thing. It's kind of like Line 6 modeling. It's not bad, it's just not right.

Anyhow, you can check out amplitube, guitar rig, or any of the line 6 stuff.
Ive used both guitar rig 4 and amplitube 3. Amplitube 3 is far better.

You need an audio interface though to make sure you dont get any latency, noise or shitty quality.
if you are use this in a live situation pedals are much easier
but for home recording and just jamming its nice

you might want to invest in something like reaper, cubase, audacity or something of the sort.and get yourself a decent interface. line 6 has a nice interface that comes with one of their modeling programs.

the lexicon alpha interface comes with cubase le4 and i have it. its not too shabby.
there are also a bunch of free plug-ins that you can use like nick crow's 5150 sim amplitube has a free version that you can use forever pretty much, there is one called shred. so on and so forth
there is a thread in recordings about VST's and that sort of thing
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you don't have to pay

i like amplitude rig the most btw

and for recordings i use reaper ( 1500kbps more than audacity ) ( you have to be patient, but it's free )
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Reaper, it's $40 and it's just as good as the stuff that costs $200.

reaper is a DAW, not an effects plugin.

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