Hey, I got a couple of acoustic demos I'm hoping to get some opinions on, they are "Rope Acoustic" and "This Sunset Acoustic", they are both here..


C4C as always, both are just demos at the moment, looking to work on them with the band sometime.
Critting as I listen to "this sunset"

Alright, first of, this is like the third time I listen to this song and it's really really awesome. The day you have recorded that as a real song, do me a favor and shoot me a pm. please. Kthnx.

Alright, now to the actual crit:

Intro starts of okay. Standard palm muted powerchord. Voice comes in - this reminds me alot on 30STM. Which is (most of the time) a good thing. I really dig the vocals. And the lyrics. The harmonies are good, even if there are not always hundred percent on pitch, they give the song a lot of character.

00:55: Wow, the chorus is really good. I swear this chorus reminds me of another song, but I can't put my finger on it. However it's now stuck in my head. Thank you The part after the chorus is beautiful, too.

-02:19: Nothing wrong until here, sounds really solid. Good vocals, guitar sounds good, everythings fine.

02:19-02:45: I like this part, too, especially the rise of tension at the end.

It gets sometimes a bit messy towards the end, but I can't really say that I don't like it, because it really fits the song.

Alright, after all, I'm still stunned. I don't know what it exactly was, but for me the melodys just.. wow. Sorry that i can't give you any constructive criticism, but for me the songs sounds just fine. Besides the "demoish sounds", but yeah, it's a demo, so... the songwriting is REALLY good. 10/10.


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