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Obese Girls
7 1%
Fat Girls
9 2%
Chubby Girls
100 20%
Normal Girls
300 60%
Skinny Girls
73 15%
Anorexic Girls
8 2%
Voters: 497.
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So how many of you are chubby chasers? Do any of you like obese girls? What about really fat ones? What about chubsters? Normal size girls? Skinny girls? Anorexic girls?

IMO, some girls look good fat. I prefer normal sized girls and girls with a bit of meat on them, but there are some chubby girls who can totally pull it off.

What about you guys?

Poll soon.
^^ I'll take the one in the middle, but both are better than the one on the left.
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I'd bang all 3....I love'em skinney, I love'em normal, I like'em chubby

The one on the right makes me gulp and feel nervous even though she's just a picture. The one in the middle is almost nonsexual to me. A 14 year old girl, basically.
the general rule is that she has to be smaller than me in size, don't care so much about height as I do girth
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If you define that girl on the right as "fat," then bring on the fatties.
My basic rule is, if she has a clearly defined waist, she's not fat. Extra wide hips? Sweet! Huge ass? Double sweet! Do I really have to clarify the third thing here? But if her waist is wider than or equal to the width of her hips, I'm out. Unless she's a) a good musician of some sort or b) actually fun to be around, in which case yes, I will lure her in and trap her with my hot lovin'.
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She's plus sized. She's definitely chubby.

But she pulls it off. Iz niiiiiiiice!
not to say I haven't been atracted to +size girls but the thiner the better my wife is 5"5 and 110lbs so hot.
No one bigger than me. I prefer my smaller girlfriend. She's 5'0", 110 Lbs.
It's better that way. They can move better. They can also fit in the backseat
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I like the middle one and the one on the right in that picture. the one on the left is ok, but a little too skinny for my taste.

This kind of thing also depends on the girl. I know some really skinny girls that look great. I also know some really chubby girls that are beautiful as well. Then there are the vast majority of girls I know that fall somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.
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skinny - chubby are the ones I like.
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I like "normal" chicks and a bit thinner too as long as they're tall and slender. I dislike fat chicks, and midget chicks.
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Thank you. I considered Peggy for a little while, but that was a low point (and she highly resembles a mouse). It disgusts me to think how man constantly needs to just stick something, to have sex and leave in order for them to feel better about their dreary day-to-day lives. It's the nuance of sex, of doing something different from the routine, especially infidelity.

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As long as she's cute, and is awesome to be around, then it doesn't really matter, though I prefer them "normal" +/-.

All the three pictured on the same picture a few posts above looks good.
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I don't like fat chicks...though I'ved sexed a lot of chubbys

I like fit/skinny chicks.

Having sex with chubby chicks is often kinda awkward (in the practical sense).
If I can talk to them for more than 15 minutes with out wanting to smash their skull with a sledge hammer and dont look like a man, those are my only two requirements. But I like them pale though
I lurrrrve da skinnay girls
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If I can talk to them for more than 15 minutes with out wanting to smash their skull with a sledge hammer and dont look like a man, those are my only two requirements. But I like them pale though

I don't know if you're kidding about this or not, but so do I. I told my friends once and they still make fun of me for it
haha, something about pale chicks is just hot. the titties always look great

just noticed the "normal"
made me lol
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