Doesn't sound too much like melodic death, kinda reminds me of metalcore and those breaks don't fit the style imho, but you got some good riffs
This is fairly good. I love the transition from bar 12 to 13 it fits well. Some of the riffs repeat to much but they are still awesome and catchy. Those random blast beats in the middle of bars dont sound good. I noticed there isn't and palm muting on those low end notes I don't know if you wanted it that way, or just got lazy but the song would have been way better with some. A fade out outro would be cool for that last break down.

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Sounds a lot like Miss May I, if you haven't already heard them, check them out and you'll see what I mean (it's a good thing!)

Here are my thoughts:
Bar 3 (riff 1):
Going from 8 to 6 on the low E-string, in my opinion, doesn't sound good, try changing it to a 5 instead, I liked it better that way at least (and if you like it, obviously change it all around) :p

Chorus 1:
Sounds good, there's not much I would change here

Chorus 2:
In my opinion, it needs more variation, if not on the regular octaves, then on the more bassy octaves (0-5-x-7), to make it more interesting (I have to say I liked Chorus 1 more) :p

Bar 17 to 20:
I really like this part, however, I think it would sound more powerful if you changed bar 18, track 2, to 0-5-7-7 instead of --5-x-7

Riff 2:
Solid part, can't think of something to change

This part, with clean vocals over it, would sound amazing!

And lastly, I also like the idea of a fade out outro
First bar is good, nice drum part. The riff that comes after is very good and the second guitar fits well when it adds the thirds in bars 4-5. I like the chorus and the transition to it is nice and smooth. My only criticism here is that it comes very early in the song. Maybe you could add in another riff or a variation on the existing one. It seems the song has been going barely a minute and already we've had the second chorus. Riff 2 is good, is in a similar vein to riff 1, but different enough so that's ok. The breakdown is good and like the rhythm of the riff in bars 42-45. Not sure about the drums at the end in bars 46-51. Overall, very nice song, good riffs you have there

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