Hey, i have been playing for well not very long, a few weeks. I am getting a little frustrated as ive made progress in some areas but not in others despite practice. at the moment i am in the 4th stage of justinguitars beginner lessons for some things and in the third for others.

I know A E D G C Am Dm C7 G7 B7 Fmaj7

i can play AED chords fairly well and can switch between them decently fast, at least 60bpm

most of the other ones specifically anything to do with Dm C G and all the 7's i have HUGE amounts of struggle trying to change between anything but C>Am.

Im wondering if this is a normal plateau that will take ages of practice or am i doing something wrong, is there any techniques that i can use to get quicker? i find it very difficult to get my fingers in the right spots sometimes like my brain is confused and fingers cant get it right :P even while watching my hands
you've only been playing for a few weeks.... you should practice only three or four chords at a time otherwise you will become overwhelmed.... eventually you will get them.

the best way to practice is to just change between the chords with out playing... so like just fret G then C then D then G then C then D.... and repeat for about ten or fifteen minutes each day and boom youll have it really quickly. also try to learn songs that use the same chords.
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Some pieces are only meant to be played by people with six fingers on their fretting hand. Sorry.
This is totally normal Don't fret too much if you can't change chords 44 times in one bar just yet (intentional guitar related pun) Just focus on the changes that are giving you trouble and you'll improve a lot quicker

Happy strumming XD
Trust me, you're going to be raging or quit eventually, some things it takes me 21+ days to get down properly. Hell, it took me like 2-3 years to be able to do sweep arpeggios cleanly... and even now there are still shapes I can't do.
Music learning is slow, you should actually be proud of yourself that you can play that within the first few weeks of learning guitar. Or at least relative to me

You should make sure you're using the least amount of pressure possible when changing chords to increase your speed. If you don't believe me, try pressing as hard as you can and playing.
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