Creating beaded necklaces is a fun pastime for both children and adults.Many jewelry makers who consider themselves hobbyists prefer to create their beads themselves. Homemade beads can consist of clay, stone, gems and shells.


1. Purchase shell beads in the desired size. If you happen to live near a beach, you can simply search for them there. The shells can be of any size, but the ideal size is 1 to 2 inches. shell beads can be purchased from Gets.cn.

2. Determine the size of the hole that will go through the beads. If you will be using jewelry wire, a common diameter is 0.8 mm, so you will want to choose a drill bit that is just slightly larger. If you wish to use nylon cord, a popular choice for shell necklaces, the average diameter is 2 mm. Go with a size that works for you.

3. Set up your work location. Be sure to find a stable, flat surface to help prevent roll off if you drop a bead. Fill your bead tray with shells and put on your safety goggles.

4. Insert the proper size drill bit into the drill. Place a small piece of painters tape over the top of the shell, where you will be drilling; this helps prevent cracks. Rub your thumb across the tape to ensure that it is secured.

5. Place the Shell beads, tape side up, on your work surface. Hold the drill steady and slowly drill a hole through the shell. Remove the tape and place your new bead in an empty slot in the bead try.

6. You can choose the shell beads you like to make shell bracelet and shell necklace.Shell bracelets or necklaces are also very easy to make.