What up people
Seeking abit of help here, can i get surggestions on band with tight and heavy rhythm?
I´ve been working very hard on my lead playing the past months, but lead ain´t good if you dont got a good rhythm to back it up, so im trying to build up my rhythm.

By tight and heavy rhythm i mean bands like Lamb of God, August burns red, Pantera and so on.

Im currently working on tracks such as Redneck and Laid to rest by Lamb of god, but more influences can never hurt right?

Thanks in advance guys

(Note: I can only go as far down in tuneing as Drop C / Standard D.)
When I think tight and heavy rhythm, I don't think I can come up with another band as tight and heavy as Gojira.
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Amon Amarth spring to mind.
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Amon Amarth spring to mind.

X 1, twilight of a thunder god FTW.
Check out Shadows Fall. Their songs have pretty tight and fast rhythm. Their songs Storm Winds and Picture Perfect come to mind.