im looking for info on a delvecchio 12 string flat top acoustic guitar .any help will be great !!!!!!!!! i got it at a pawn shop a few days ago ..good older guitar i think..just want to know more about it ...thanks for the help ...gj
I've never played one, but their resonators were used by quite a lot of famous and very skilled musicians; Chet Atkins and Leo Kottke are two I know of. I have heard they are rather nice guitars, and I would expect it to have a solid top. Never seen a 12 string Del Vecchio, so it sounds like a great find to me!

Any pics?
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thanks !! yeah it is a solid top looks like to me some type of pine ? back and sides look to be rosewood .the guitar is at the shop now had to put a new top nut on it and lower the action .i will sure post some pics here asap .i hope to get i back in the next few days i hope ha ha ..