Hey guys,

I'm looking to buy an American Telecaster (been wanting one of those since I started out) and one of my local stores is now offering a 2007 American tele with 200 euros discount, which is around 300ish in dollars. So this brings me to the obvious question: how different are the 07's from the current models? I read something about the quality control of Fender dropping for a few years, was that already happening four years ago?

thanks for any advice you might have!
While I don't know the exact differences between the newer and older models, it seems like a decent deal if the guitar is in new condition (no scratches etc.). At my local guitar shop they go for €1099 and on thomann 2008 models are €1198.
best answer would be go in and play it, see what it sounds and feels like... no amount of red-tape QC will match what you want out of a product really. it may pass the factory QC but if it doesn't feel nice to you then the factory QC is pointless.
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