This first one is sort of inspired by early 70s progressive rock, and new wave, the synth bass is impossible to hear really, the vocals are pretty quiet.

These next two are sort of Animal Collective inspired , Sung Tongs era specifically.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFUbl04m0d8 (has quiet vocals in some parts, and I know they sound the same, we havent decided which goes on the demo)

We have two psych pop songs being recorded right now, a "chillwave", a spacey prog song, a shoegaze, and maybe one noise/avant garde track, I will post those all up after this coming weekend.

THANK YOU for checking them out, and feel free for criticizing these, we know the vocals are quiet, and raw, and the music is pretty gained out, we recorded all these with like 50 dollar mics, so go figure I guess Broohaha!

Thanks again.

PS. if you feel like supporting us at all, please "like" our facebook page.
I like the atmosphere, and I honestly don't really think its a bad thing that the vocals are nearly indiscernible from the rest of the music. I think other people would want to hear them though, so think about that before you consider making it part of your schtick. The progginess in some of the tracks sounds a little forced, but that will disappear with time as you develop your style. I like how you changed style smoothly over to almost Indian folk music kind of vibe in one of them. It shows that you can do the prog bit effectively, you just have to work at it. But overall you're off to a very good start.

On a side note, I have to say that the thing this reminds me of the most is this semi-underground mostly French shoegaze black metal movement stuff, like Alcest, Amesoeurs, and Lifelover.
Thanks dude!!! Yes yes, I'm personally into the more extreme avant garde like Henry Cow, Art Bears, Locust, Etc etc, but I'm only 16, and 16 year olds in suburban Texas arent too into being toooo expiremental hahaha, but thanks man!!!

Yes yes!, I love Alcest and Lifelover, some of my biggest influences actually.

Thanks again man! !
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