I'm looking into amps and wish to know IF there's a combination vocal/electric/acoustic model available? I see "Acoustic" makes a voice/acoustic unit; but it didn't sound good once I fired the new Peavey ACM thru it. Overdriven , I suppose?

I'm given to understand I can split the output signals from the on-board pre-amp by using a stereo plug and route the piezos to an acoustic amp and the HBs to my Fender 65r. That leaves only a need to run some sort of PA for voice/mic.

A second amp like the "Acoustic" is not out of the realm of reason; but I'd sooner find an all-in-one due to space considerations. Perhaps some sort of EQ/match board dealie to send acoustic/voice to ch1 while electrics from the HBs go thru channel two?

The ultimate goal is to allow me to play and possibly dub a couple trax. I'm just an old duffer, playing for my own edification. No need for the latest/greatest pro gear. This is a hobby for me. I don't want to get into the equipment race. I have enuff dreck from other pastimes ta fill the office!
I noticed you said PA, have you looked into something like the Fender Passport, I have one for just putsing around, I've played my acoustic through it and it sounds fine to me, also has channels for mic's and such? Not sure if this is what your looking for.
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There are a ton of amps on the market that do vocal and acoustic, most have RCA ins as well, but non are going to be great for electric.





FWIW, I got a little Behringer acoustic amp last year, it isn't the best sounding amp in the world, but it's nice to have something to play my acoustic and sing through.
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OK guys..thanx. Looks like I'll end up with two amps.Odd, how these things multiply