Nice. If you doubled over the guitar and the voice and like, panned them one to each side, Don't shoot would sound amazing.
Don't shoot seems quite a good tune, however, I don't think the singers voice suits the music to well. A woman doing that sort of stuff should be sounding all raw and edgy like Janis Joplin.
I do think she suits Rainy Eyes though, quite a Dusty Springfield feel to it, the vocals should be louder in the mix though.
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You know what, I actually agree. I asked her if she can sing more gritty, and Janis Joplin was the example I used funnily enough. Thinking about getting a new singer, as we haven't had her long, it wouldn't be too big an upset. Don't get me wrong, she's very good, but not exactly what we want. Vocals should be louder too, I agree. Glad you like the song though, and thanks for taking the time to listen and comment! Cheers!
Cool, I've added your band as a friend on myspace btw. I'm going for a similar sound with my solo stuff. Just got nothing recorded yet though.
Will do, I'll be recording as soon as I have the funds and a new wah pedal. My old band is back from the twilight zone too, which is good.
Don't Shoot sounded great man, you guys on facebook?

Also when are you going to be releasing a full album?

Kind of a weird question but how old are you? The essence of "Don't Shoot" is pretty much exactly where my goal guitar playing/song writing lies and I'm really hoping I can get there around 25 (currently 19 and have a few years of experience...)

Great shit though man!
Thanks so much man, it really does mean a lot to me. Well, i'm the guitarist, i'm also 19. The other members are 18,19 and 21; so we're a young band. I do play an obscene amount, and have been for many years. If you want it enough, you will get there man! It takes more will than skill.

I tried making a facebook, but didn't go to well, so one of the others is going to sort that. Will definitely let you know when we do!

Don't really know about the album, will probably be in the studio in a few weeks to get some professional recordings done of a few songs though.

But again, seriously, your words inspire me and make my effort worth while, so thank you dearly. Danyil.