Hi, you might all think it sounds stupid but my les paul keeps hurting my leg while I am sitting down playing. It digs in and sort of makes it feel sore and irritated. It sometimes makes it really hard to play for very long cos It makes me really uncomfortable. It never used to happen and now it happens alot (maybe because it is slightly irritated).
I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?
If it was me, I would remove the sand....
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Try playing in classical position. Much better for your back and such, and much more comfortable once you get used to it.
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try standing up ... or getting dressed before you play.

I have thought about that... But sometimes you just run out of fingers...
Do you lean on the guitar?

The following statement is true. The proceeding statement is false.
if your leg is rashy or irritated put medicated cream on it.

stand while playing,

put a hand towel on your leg,
under the guitar if you
just dont want to stand.

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this used to happen to me with a jackson warrior, too many spikes
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If it was me, I would remove the sand....

I was going to say invest in a Y chromosome.
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Maybe you've changed how you sit? If you're leaning on the guitar with your bicep... it would make sense.
Another thing I sometimes do, is put the guitar on the OTHER leg!!!!!

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clean the custard from your purple headed custard gun off your leg before playing, and maybe get dressed a lil.

the irritation wont go away if your playing guitar resting on the same spot each day. id give it a rest and let the rash heal before playing sitting down. try standing up and changing your seating position after the rash has healed.

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Try playing in classical position. Much better for your back and such, and much more comfortable once you get used to it.

Don't lean too much. Let the guitar's back rest against your chest and stomach while playing.
I never have problems that way, even on my friend's Les Paul copy with badly sanded edges.
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