hey everyone. someone on craigslist is selling their late 70's CORT les paul copy. i know this thread is probably pretty useless without any photos but does anyone know about these guitars? he sent me pics to my phone and it looks nice, but hes asking 500..so if anyone knows about these guitars please get back to me. is that over priced?
although the mid 70s lawsuit era LP copies can go for some good bucks the later ones aren't as desireable. if it is set neck and mahogany then perhaps the price might be ok but it seems a little high.
A Cort LP copy? Probably Korean, late 70's... 500's a bit high for that thing. Giving him $300 would be genorous.
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the guitar DOES have a set neck. he made that very clear in the post. does the offer of 300 still seem genorous? thats what i was thinking of offering regardless.
300 seems about right, 400 if it's in great condition and looks nice. Cort has always made solid guitars but they're not collector pieces or particularly high-end. 500 is too much.