I have a Crate FW120 combo. Nice amp imo but I want to make it into a half stack.

The reason:

I'm the second (rhythm) guitarist in a band that performs in all types of venues including outdoors.
Guitarist 1 (lead) is on a 100w Marshall halfstack and easily drowns out my combo at times (not intentional).
I want more direction from a sealed enclosure.
I want to.

It is not particularly a money thing although I don't have $600-$1200 to spend on "good" stuff.

So far my plan is to use 3/4" high grade Russian Birch plywood but probably not the marine grade. It will be an angle stack with a brace from the front panel to the back panel. I will cover it in Tolex and use all the appropriate hardware.

I will use ship lap joints to make the box and the front panel will sit in a rabbet slot, glue and brad nailed in place. I am not set on how I will make the back yet. Which means I'm not set on whether to make the speakers mount from the front of the inside. (suggestions?)

I will make the amp box out of the same material and use the same ship lap joints to make the box. Because the control face is angled instead of vertical as in most heads, it will have a "unique" face to the amp but I think I can do it so there is some type of lighting under the top lip of the new head and the controls will be more in the middle of the face, illuminated. I will also install the integrated tuner from the FW120 in the top of the new head. It's not perfect but it can be convenient because we play in Eb tuning and the tuner displays for Eb.

I am also considering making a portion (up to 50%) of the back panel removable so to be able to keep some of the qualities of an open back for smaller performance venues where it can sit near a wall.

I'm thinking a pretty standard 30x30x14. The height will be a slight bit taller if it is angled.

As for speakers I am open to all suggestions. We play on the hard side of rock. Seether, Saliva, Rage Against the Machine, and lots of heavy originals. But the sets include Zeppelin, SRV, Jimi, Marshall Tucker. So the speakers have to be pretty versatile. Not looking to spend anything more the $100 ea, and would prefer to stay much closer to $50 ea.

Here is a link to the amp and specs:

I am interested to hear your opinions on this. I'm open to all input on materials and sizes, shapes, etc...

I am not interested in hearing your opinion on Crate. Take that elsewhere.
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