2008 model Gibson SG special faded, worn cherry
Selling for around £550
Pictures if needed
guitarguitar selling this at 399.99 used?

drop price...........

add more info

this is just lazy
Well sorry.... I'm not exactly a used guitar sales expert, i merely based my price on what I payed for it and the condition it's in, I'm sorry if that's not good enough.
I posted this to see if there was someone interested, presuming that if someone was looking for an SG they would ask for specs and stuff.
Hey - although that also is a beautiful guitar, I'm really only looking for cash. I could do it for £450 for you if you were interested? It comes with a Gibson gigbag too.
If you would like pictures of the actual guitar, PM me your email address, although it's pretty mint condition so the website photos are pretty accurate!
Hey i'm pretty skint tbh. Can't buy anything until my guitar goes
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Ok mate, well if it does go and you're still interested, let me know, it may not have gone then