So I've got a Ibanez RG2610E, very pretty and all that with its Floyd Rose.

I was tuning it up from drop C to standard, but as I tighten the strings the tremolo unit tilts towards the body. So I whip the guitar around to tighten the tremolo springs BUT the screws are already screwed in as far as they can go. I've messed around a bit but always end up with a horribly high action when in standard tuning, with the tremolo unit sticking up out of the body like a confused walrus.

Could someone cleverer than me tell me what I should do?
can't remember now, but probably something like 11-52. I'm gonna change strings soon anyway, hopefully that will help, but is there anything i can do to play now?
you can keep the tuning low. :| bigger gauges are gonna have more resistance so that's probally causing the bridge to rise
ayy lmao
yee, i'm playing with a new band that's all. don't wanna be like "actually.. i can't tune to standard..". Ah well maybe I can stop by a music store this weekend for some new strings. Thank you
You might wanna check out the New & Improved FR Setup Guide thread that is stickied at the top of the forum too. You never know it might reveal something.

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