Hey I had an idea for a summer project and I wanted to know if it would work.

The idea is to take either a cheap used squier tele, or squier strat, and then replace every part on it until it's basically a new guitar. Like I'll replace the hardware first, then replace the neck, and eventually the body. The neck and body will be built by me, probably using stewmac body and neck blanks.

I think this would be a great learning experience as I'll see how the tone improves with each little change. And then I'll have the old guitar still. I'll just have to resemble it, and I could sell it for no loss.

So, is this possible?

I'll also be enlisting the help of one of my friends who's built a few guitars so he'll be able to walk me through the harder parts.
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Wait, so you're buying a guitar and then building a whole new one using none of its parts?
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I can see how you can learn some things but how parts interact will mean less and less as the more parts are changed. The variables will grow exponentially with each changed part.

I have not built my own guitar but I have looked into it pretty extensively. I have a lot of wood working experience and all the general tools I'd need to do it. I would need a few special items. What I decided is if I ever did build one I would definitely buy a pre-made neck instead of trying to make one from scratch.

How some pickups/humbuckers work depends greatly on the quality, density, type, and size of the wood used for the body. Simply beveling the edges of the body of the guitar can change the quality of the sound.

Because of all these variables and many other things I have so far decided to not build my own.

However, if it is just a fun project with no particular expected outcome and money is not really an issue then why not?
Do it. I am doing this with my MiM 2009 Jazz bass. I didnt intend on it, but after looking at the neck close; I realized how crappy the detail was. Now, I have a Carvin neck, Wilkinson bridge, and all the circuits are removed.

I have learned alot. Hands on experience combined with theory(s).
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Quote by Blenkinsop
Or you could just buy a build your own guitar kit?

Well with my idea I don't have to buy all the parts at once, so I don't have to have all the money at once. And if I ever run out of money for the project, I still have a functioning guitar that I can use, instead of just a pile of parts.
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