Heya fellas,

I've been looking for quite a while (a couple of years, actually) after the tabs to "Spare Chaynge" by Jefferson Airplane on guitar. I'm after the riffs, solos and chords to this song, released on Jefferson Airplane's album After Bathing At Baxter's.

If anyone of you guys out there have a tab for this, or know a pal that has it, don't hesitate to post it on this site, or send me a private message with further info! I desperately need this tab (especially since I've been looking for years!!!).

Do note: Specifically, I'm looking for the 9:12 minute version that made it onto the album.

Thanks in advance. Have a nice week!
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I have also been looking for this tab for years!! Please even if you don't know where to find it on the internet, could you suggest me a place where I could buy it !! Thanks,

Kind regards