I tried a search for "low e" and "low e breaking" didn't find what I needed apologies if there is a thread about this.

Its as simple as the title, my low E (fattest string) is always the first to break. Usually every 2 weeks. I play a lot of metal rhythm so the string gets blasted quite a bit with downstrokes. I use standard 10-46 gauge and play in standard or drop d.

It always breaks at the bridge so I attribute it to the riffing, and weight of my palm on the area when muting. A buddy told me that it should NOT be breaking and I agree. I never break any other string when playing.

Is there something wrong with my bridge which is causing it to break prematurely? I don't think its from me playing to hard. Maybe this is a common problem...

When it breaks its not a "snap" it just unravels from the bridge. The coil comes undone from the main single string inside it.
I remember reading somewhere on the forums that my bridge could be "sharp" and cutting into the string?

Its a strat style bridge and saddle.
have your guitar looked at by a pro or start using thicker gauge strings
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but yeah its fine
Try a different brand of string first.. or maybe a different guage just incase.
Next time, if it still happens, slide a bit of paper between the saddle and string. If it doesn't break after a month, it's the saddle. Then you can tell wether you need to get a new saddle/ sand the saddle.
.46 should be thick enough, try changing the brand or get your guitar checked out.
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you'd think of all strings to last the longest itd be the low strings my guess is the bridge is the problem but im no pro or anything definitely use slash_angus_VH's advice and get it checked out, they shouldn't charge you just to LOOK at it at least i dont think so...
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you may have an issue with your Low E string saddle. may have a rough edge that cuts into the string and with that added pounding the string goes.
Check for burrs on the bridge saddles. If there are any sand them off with fine sandpaper. You want to remove the burrs and polish the metal not leave heavy scratched.

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You might just be such a heavy user you have to replace strings every two weeks. Sucks to be you. Buy strings in bulk!

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Check for burrs on the bridge saddles. If there are any sand them off with fine sandpaper. You want to remove the burrs and polish the metal not leave heavy scratched.

This is just what I came here to post, unless you're extremely abusive to those strings I'd bet there is a burr if it's consistently the low E breaking first.
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perfecy symptoms of a sharp saddle. check it nao!
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If its always breaking at the bridge, it could mean there's some kind of spike or notch in the bridge - cutting into the string. You could try lightly filing the string slot a little.

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