I have a paper due tomorrow and I don't need any help writing it (I'm not a lazy jerk), but if anyone could help explain to me what the significance of divided loyalties in "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" was?

Basically for my English class my professor asked us to compare divided loyalties in that book to divided loyalties in the movie: "The Fighter" (2010).

I can understand the subject of the paper but to me it didn't really seem like divided loyalties had a lot to do with the Huckleberry Finn book?
ohhhhh see I thought when he said divided loyalties, that he meant actually physical loyalties like money.

that makes a lot more sense.
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Go write your paper. I was in your position yesterday, and I goofed off on here for too long.

Will do sir

also, gotta love Tony Douglas and I'm going to school in Jersey at the moment.