So I picked up this Harmony from an auction for rather cheap. Overall it was in good condition with just a little wear on the fretboard. The fretboard was stained black and the stock tuners sucked. So I figured a refinish of the fretboard and some hardware were called for.

I pulled the neck and started with 150 grit then up to 220 and finishing with 0000 Steal Wool. Has a total of 5 coats of Tung Oil with some sanding between coats. Also installed a new set of tuners. I plan on a new nut, prob a locker in the near future to get rid of the 0 fret.

This is the first fretboard I have ever refinished. If I were to do one again I would finish with 400 grit. By no means though am I disappointed with the end result.

The first two picks are of what I started with. They aren't my pics cause I forgot to take a couple before taking it apart. On the very bottom is a couple picks of my next project.

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Here is the next project... had to many images in last post to add more. Its a Dean Vendetta that has had custom inlays put in at some point. Needs some work as you can tell but should be nice when finished.