So yeah. I just got a new amplifer, a Kustom k300-5. Now, 'new' is subjective, as it's from the 1970's....but still.... It's pretty good in my opinion. It claims its a pa system, but i think its a glorified guitar amp. it's got 6 channels, 12 inputs, and oodles and ooodles of spring reverb. from what i've read, it's got 300 watts of power under the hood. There's 2 speaker towers, both 8 ohm, with 2 12'' speakers and 3 8'' speakers per tower (total a 4x12 with a 6x8 pretty much...)...Mine's also black, without the rack (see the pics attached...)i love it...but i was wondering what everyone else thought of it. appranantly my dad bought it for like $30 (and it's works flawlessly) so i thought that was a damned good deal. Should there be anything I should be aware of? Would it be reliable? etc...
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Be aware that Kustom rated their amps at "music power" but from the number of output and driver transistors in the amp and the size of the power teransformer I remember in those things 175 Watts RMS would seem about right and although the channels weren't really high gain they would typically saturate at 6 or so with a Jazz Bass pickup plugged in.

The amp is very reliable. I gigged playing bass with one for a couple of years