I am new player (really new). After much research I bought a Seagull S-6 Original to learn to play on. Love the Guitar. I need a recommendation for a good case to protect my investment. A dreadnaught case should work but this is considered a 3/4 Guitar so unsure if my new instrument will slide around too much in the case. Any advice would be appreciated.
Not sure about for the US, but in the UK, Hiscox are possibly the best in terms of protection:
If you check the dimensions, it might fit in a classical case, but if you have any doubts, just ring them - they're dead helpful =)
The Seagull is not a 3/4 guitar. You need a regular hard case. I would buy a used case eaither off Craiglist or try and find one in the local Guitar Center.
why would you think the s6 is a 3/4 dread? it's a full size dread, dude. you can get the godin tric case for it or a hard case from godin. email the good folks at seagull and they'll tell you which cases it will fit.
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I guess it could be considered a 3/4 guitar if you're comparing it to a jumbo baritone ...

But no, just buy a regular dread case.
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Just thought I would say, it is worth shelling out more money for a good case than a not so good one. I got a more expensive one for my Hummingbird and it protects it much better than the original one I got which was cheaper in price but cheaper in quality.
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