Hey me and a bunch of mates have decided to make aload of cables to save some money. We dicided to use some van damme cable and neutrik ends. Does anyone know a cheap uk supplier we can get good quality neutrik ends from? We're going to be making about 50-75 cables. So we need about 100-150 ends.
Ive found this place quite good. Cheap normally, and they give a bulk-discount. But bear in mind Neutrik ends will be very expensive. Rean are a brand of neutrik and much cheaper: http://www.rapidonline.com/Cables-Connectors/Connectors-Audio-Video/Jack/6.3mm-Jack-plugs/74324 at 60p each for 100+. Bear in mind also that own-brand connectors go on rapid for 40p each for 100+, you've got to ask yourself if its worth paying so much for Neutrik when Rean is so much cheaper.
Kl farnells was gd. I was thinking about this for strait ends:

http://uk.farnell.com/neutrik/np2x-b/plug-6-35mm-black-gold-2pole dp/8314543

This for 90DEG:


Not a bad price once the bulk discount is added. Also i noticed that one of these is 2 pole and one is 3 pole? what does this mean? will i be able to use them together? Also will these ends be compatable with any type of instrument cable or only certain types?