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i normally use Dunlop .88mm but would like to try a new kind. any recommendations?
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Jazz 3's really increase speed and allows you to do pinch harmonics on like every fret.
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Jazz 3's or the DAVA grip tip
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are these the ones you guys are talking about? if so do they have that slippery feeling like fender picks
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Jazz IIIs here too

Just the best pick I've ever used.

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Im using dunlop black 0.88 tortex picks shaped like jazz III's, I liked the texture of tortex, and was recommended jazz III shape, Im not a crazy shredder but they are adequate for me.
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COOL picks with the griptape on them are amazing for long-term grip and control
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Jazz III or Jazz I's are the picks I normally use. My rhythms became tighter and my leads sounded better (not that my leads were anything to write home about anyways... I'm a rhythm guy mostly)
Ultex Jazz III's...they don't seem to slip out as easily as the regular Jazz III's when my hands get sweaty.
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Dunlop 1mms. Black. Nice little grips avoids annoying slippage.
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i use searchbar picks

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Jazz 3's or the DAVA grip tip

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i use searchbar picks


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Dunlop Tortex 1.14 mm. Theyre bright purple and very thick. Theyre also bright purple. I think they sound better than thinner picks. More chug. And did i say that theyre bright purple?
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i didn't like the Jazz IIIs really :shrugs:

i use either Tortex 1.0mm or medium heavy acrylic picks
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I second the COOL picks. Best grip ever.
Also available in jazz picks.
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I have Jazz IIIs, but I tend to use my 1mm and 2mm Nylon Big Stubbies far more.
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I use Dava Rock Control Delrin picks. I tried using Jazz IIIs in the past, but I just prefer the Davas. They are great picks and worth trying.
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Green Tortex.

I used Jazz IIIs for a couple of years and I think they really helped to improve my picking but after while I found they sounded a little too smooth. I actually prefer using the purple Tortex, but green Tortexs have an aggressive rasp I can't get out of the thicker pick.
I love the feel of Tortex and Ultex picks, still working on a size. I've used .73mm Ultex and have 1.0mm Ultex in the mail; for Tortex, .73mm and .73mm Sharp, 1.0mm and on the way 1.0mm sharp and 1.0mm fins, and 1.14mm and 1.14mm sharps. I've also got .60mm on the way and wanna try the triangle ones.

Also, I hate the Jazz III. I dare you to find a worse player than me with one of those.

I dare you.
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Max Grip Jazz IIIs <- started using these recently and love them

.43mm Dunlop Nylons <- I like them for acoustic stuff
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...who cares?

It's another of those things that really has no significance to anything other than your own personal preference. I personally use Dunlop Gator Grip 9.6mm and they work for me but you may not like them.

I can't stand jazz picks but other people love them. It's one of those things that there is no answer to. Like the people who ask stuff like "is there a certain way to hold a pick?" and "how should I sit/stand while playing?", it's up to you man
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