Basically I'm the weird sort of guy who plays twangy pop-rock on a 7-string. I built a HSS 7-string last summer, but although it sounded and looked great it just didn't have that great playability or tuning stability... and since I'm in a hurry to record a full-length album, don't have time to build another one (and possibly failing again) or waiting/paying $3000+ for a custom, I decided to mod instead.

I like the feel, features and unplugged tone of Schecters, but the EMG's are useless to me. So I decided to buy a C-7 Hellraiser and just mod the sheisse out of it, re-route for new pickups, redo the finish, shave off the neck a little... here's how it went!

Original guitar:

I had to fill the neck pickup route, but all the wood I had had been lying outside the whole winter, thus shock-full of water which would not be good to put in the guitar.

So I look around the house for some dry material...

Bingo! The gunstock from an old Mauser, cirka 1906. Br00ts and such.

And we're on our way:

First try at bursting, but I wasn't too satisfied and due to shitty masking tape I got some black paint leaking onto the binding...
I'd also ordered "Silver Abalone" vinyl, which on the website looked like this:

But in reality, it looked like this:

So my plan to do faux inlays and a body decal matching the binding was out. Do over, do right. Bye-bye binding!

There we go, stringed up! All that's left to do on these pictures is mounting the pickups and soldering the electronics.

And here's a few pics of my mate Scott taking it for a test drive:

More pics and videos to come when the guitar is wired!
sweet guitar. But tell your mate to take his hat off next time. He's indoors, for Christ sake, he looks like an a-typical emo tool.
Dom, look... I Caught a PWOPER fish
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That looks pretty damn good, was really skeptical at the title but it turned out awesome. What pickups did you fit it with?

Cheers! 2 Lollar Blonde singlecoils, which sound amazing! Instant SRV and Eric Johnson tones, very sparkly with a bit of mid-scoop. The humbucker is a DiMarzio Paf7.