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Truss rod question. My seems really messed up. At the lower frets, maybe 1-5, the action is nice and low. From that fret on, the action just gets higher and higher. According to this picture, it would seem that I have up-bow. Which way do I need to turn the rod to get the neck straighter? My goal is to have an almost even action along the entire neck.

Can't see the picture. If the action is low at the lower frets and higher as it goes towards the upper frets surely you wouldn't make adjustments to your truss rod. It is your bridge sir that is the issue. Check your truss rod to see if it is set well. Fret the first and last fret on the E String of the fretboard and eyeball the 7th fret. There should be a small space between the string and the fret top itself. If there is no space the rod is too tight. If there is a large gap it is too loose. I suspect the truss rod is not an issue but check it anyway. Always start a complete set up with a check of the truss rod. If this is fine just lower your bridge/saddles.
EDIT: Apparently I can't link to the image...

And checking at the 7th fret, there is no gap. Again, according to the picture my neck looks like it has up-bow/warp.
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if when you fret the Low E at the first fret and at the last fret,
where the neck and body meet,
you find there is no gap at the middle frets 7-9th.

then you may need more relief.

but that's not going to change the action of the guitar.
(not the way you think)

to lower the action, the height of the strings, near the
bridge, you need to lower the bridge.

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Hold the guitar and look right down the neck. If its bowed you will be able to tell because the strings will be straight, but the neck wont be. If it looks a little too bowed then just tighten the truss rod. If that isnt the problem you probaly just need to adjust the bridge.

Back to the truss rod, its okay to have a tiny bit of bow in the neck. Having it dead straight doesnt do it much good from what i have heard before..
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ok. wait. first do what jj1565 said. check the neck relief. there should be a slight space at the 7th ret and by that i mean VERY small. mes than 1mm but not almost touching. generally i get in a well lit area or look against a lit backdrop so i can see the light through such a small space .

make a note of that height.

THEN, lower your bridge. trial and error process, and your going to have to retune (lowering will reduc pressure and make your guitar flat). get it where you like it. and see how the guitar plays.

if you think there was too much bow with the truss height chances are you will need to tighten your truss a TAD (like 1/8th of a turn at a time). the truss slightly bends the neck, and doesnt happen at once. and it will effect tuning. i would give your guitar atleast a day or two to break into a new truss adjustment so dont get frustrated and keep moving it. just let it be and be patient.

but yeah, the big part of your problem is bridge height.