Ive always wanted to build my own guitar, but never had the capability to do it. On satureday, I played a gig with my friends band Her Eyes Prevail (check em out if you like metalcore), and the guitarist of one of the bands that played after us had a nice Les Paul copy. It was finished in clear coat so you could still see the wood with black trapezoid inlays and binding. There was no name on the headstock, so i asked him what it was and he said he made it with Warmoth parts and it was actually really simple.

So here's my question, has anyone done this? I was thinking of buying a mahogony iceman body routed for a string through TOM bridge and one bridge humbucker, and a maple neck with an ebony fingerboard and bolting them together myself. Good idea?
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I've bought a neck from warmoth before, but not a body or other parts

it's really not too hard to assemble premade parts from them as long as you have an idea of how a guitar goes together and how to set it up properly. warmoth makes some nice quality stuff, but they're fairly expensive
Its not difficult at all. Just go slow and don't cut/file/glue/screw/etc until you've measured and made sure everything is correct. Don't assume anything! Be sure of your scale length, neck angle, etc etc. If you rush and slap everything together you will most likely not be happy with the results.