I like the intro once the organ comes in. Same with the guitar, makes a sad tone to the song (which I assume you were going for). The bass part kind of reminds me of some music on the Tales of Vesperia game, so thats a good thing (I love the music in that game lol). The guitar solo was pretty cool and mellow, but I think something more sad would fit for the song. So yeah, I'd work on changing bar 51-54 for the guitar. But I do like the song.

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Sounds pretty good. I think it's definitely an interesting choice of instruments and makes for a very fascinating texture. You probably could have made it a little more complex than you did and it would have been a lot more satisfying to listen to though, not that it isn't already. But just by adding a concrete ending or just a new idea, some new chord progression somewhere in the middle, would really pick up your piece and bring it to the next level. Also, it sounds a bit low on the bass end, you might want to just add a track of contrabass and have it follow the roots of the chords you have going in the strings.

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nice piece. I feel it could use a bit more variation once the theme gets going but right now it works well too albeit more in a sort of background music manner (don't take that as an insult though =) )
Great piece, nice and mellowy sad.

The jazz guitar solo doesn't quite fit, and I think it should just be taken out. This sounds like movie or videogame music, and could fit in either very well. So, great job, but the jazz guitar solo should probably be removed.
I just finished listening and I must say that I am fairly impressed. I find it most interesting that you made what is essentially a "doom" based celtic piece, which is interesting as generally celtic music tends to be very upbeat and fast paced; especially what I am used to from folk metal and the like. The theme is very lovely, and you seem to have a solid understanding of dynamics and timbre so I have no real qualms there. The only thing I did feel compelled to change was the guitar from jazz to an acoustic, as I feel that the latter is inherently more celtic and just dark feeling; though that is really just personal preference. I'd be down to see if you could somehow stretch this out into a sort of celtic ballad type of piece, but as it is it is pretty a solid effort.

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Listening as I crit

I liked the beginning. It flowed nicely.

Nice strings added.

Bass was added nicely as well. I felt that extra guitar that came in wasn't needed. That solo flowed good in between chord changes as well

Decently little piece. I enjoyed but should be further expanded. Ended TOOOO soon.