I just came over an used Yamaha RGX420 for 320 USD. The seller says he bought it new for around 1000 USD, and that he haven't used it for about a year.
The pictures of it is in pretty bad quiality, and im not sure if i can see some rust on the bridge. I asked him for some higher quiality photos and will probably get them within a few days.
So my question is:
Is this too good to be true?
Will this guitar work good for playing things like warrant, van halen etc?
Is there any other guitar you will recommend?
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this guitar is good for the music you want, and the price I think he might be exagerating a bit, I remember these one selling for 500, so yes Its a deal if the guitar is still on good conditions, If it feels comfortable to you, and if you really like It, another guitar I would recommend is a ibanez RG 550, you might find one on ebay and its very similar to the one you're looking too, if you cant find one, look a the 2011 ibanez RG models, they blow
-Dean Dave mustaine vmnt
-Ibanez Rg550 90'
But about the rust on the bridge... Is there any risk for it maybe breaking?