Hey guys
So I have a show coming up on the 21st of the month. Its just me and my guitars, and once in a while my harmonica I wana see opinions on the set list:

1.)Cocaine Cowgirl (Matt Mays):Electric

2.)Ohio (Neil Young): Electric

3.)Best I Ever Had (Gary Allan version): Electric

4.) The Navasink Banks (The Gaslight Anthem): Acoustic

5.) 38 years old (The Tragically Hip): Acoustic

6.)Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen): Acoustic/ Harmonica

7.)No Champagne Socialist (Arkells): electric/harmonica

8.) Coming Home City and Colour): electric

I also am thinking about playing a few originals. Where would you guys suggest I put them. In the past I have usually played 3 originals to every two covers...and play them in the 3rd, 5th and 6th spots respectivly..... I am also willing to drop 2 of the songs to play originals.
What you all think about the set list and the ideas I have proposed?
I think it depends on what kind of venue you're playing at. I'm not familiar with most of those songs but Coming Home is a great song if you can sing like Dallas Green.

If it's a coffeeshop or bar type of place I probably wouldn't do more than one original per 4 or 5 covers, just cause no one is going to know them and that's what the general public likes. (although I personally would rather hear originals any day)
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