Hi folks

A quick question on using arpeggios in solos.

I know that typical you would use an A7 arpeggio over an A7 chord, or a B minor arpeggio over a B minor chord etc etc.

But what do you do when you are soloing over power chords where you only have the root and the fifth. Can you use an arpeggio over it as long as its got the right root note? or is it stricter then that?
Basically you're free to do whatever you please. I suggest experimenting, but power chords give you more freedom: you can do minor or major or anything else.
Yeah. And if you wanted to extend them to the 7 or 9, you could do Amaj9, C#m7b9, E9.
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Quote by jkielq91
So if I was in A and the power chords were A, C# and E I can then do A major or the A, C# Minor over the C and E major over the E?

Meh just be slack and just play an E note over all of them.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
while you could try fancy stuff, for the start: play within the key. most power chords suggest a third. if you play a C power chord, then an A power chord, chances are the A will be A minor because if it was major you'd have a C# (which would clash with the C power chord).

like this, most power chords suggest what third so figure that out and be able to do that confidently before you move onto sweeping augmented chords over stuff!

after this try and use more adventurous harmony (if you want) but another good way as someone mentioned would be to play a second on top of it. this will usually be a major second (2 frets) and sounds great, think of the solo for the outro of floods.