Hey guys,
Today I bought myself a Yamaha HS-50 studio monitors and Tascam Us-122MkII mixer thing.
I used RCA cables to connect speakers to line out R/L channel.
On one side they have ordinary red and white pin, on the other they have small jack converted into big jack ending using this thingy that you put on small jack to make it a big jack. (red and white pin goes to Tascam, big jack into speakers)
And here's the problem: I cannot plug them using white and red pin cause BOTH of them react only to white pin ending of RCA cable! WTF?
Moreover, what is more disturbing, the speakers crackle and hiss really noticably when they dont play and I have no clue what could be the reason of it.
Any ideas?
Gettin' better ^_^
You used RCA cables on the speakers? According to the PDF I'm looking at, the speakers, like most studio monitors, use either XLR connectors, or TRS connectors. Both of those connectors are balanced. Are you sure they use RCA connectors???

Edit: Can you post a picture of the back of the speakers?
Guys at store told me to do so.

I use input 2, so big jack ending on one side of the cable and RCA on the other
This is how it looks except that instead of small jack there is big jack.


And that's Tascan;s back. I plug these RCA cables to first from the right R/L channel but the speakers respond only to black ending connection. Red seems to be sort of dead.
+ the hissing and crackling sound when speakers dont play music.
Gettin' better ^_^