Ok - I started playing guitar yesterday - i have the basic chords down such as - D - G - A - C ect... And im wondering where to go next? learning songs? Stumming patterns in details? Urgh! Help?
depends on what your goals are. if you want to strum chords to play songs, i suggest you practice going from one chord to the next slowly till the changes are very smooth.
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Wow, you're doing pretty well for starting so recently!

I agree, it depends on what your goals are. Are you working with an instructor who can help you with some good goals?

Maybe pick a song you like and see if you can get a guitar book made by a company who has that song it or others that you like? For example, I like Fleetwood Mac so I am using Fleetwood Mac's Easy Guitar book by Hal Leonard. My instructor recommended a Hal Leonard book and I think they are good.

Congrats on doing so well and keep on playing!
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work on barre chords! the shapes you learn will be able to move all around the neck. it will expand your ability to play those chords on several parts of the neck. Also, you really should work on the open chords. after one day i really doubt that you can switch quickly between them all. maybe learn your power chords and the root notes on the neck so you know what to call them? practice practice practice and good luck!!!
I would stay away from barre chords for now, they're a bitch to learn and you've only been playing a day, they will do nothing but demotivate you.

I would recommend practicing your chord changes, some of which you can practice while learning a song. Make sure you have good posture (including no tension, being relaxed) and you're holding the pick correctly. Two things which are essential and need to be drilled in to the point that you don't even think about it when you pick up the guitar.
I'd check out justinguitar.com if you haven't already, seriously good.
If you're in the business of teaching yourself, don't try barre chords yet.

I taught myself and I found the best motivation for me was to attempt an easy song that I liked. When you first start playing, there's something really exciting about making a familiar song come together, and I think it helps you to work just that extra bit harder.

Also, I found it helped a lot to leave my guitar out (like on a stand) rather than tucked away in a case. Having it right there made me pick it up a lot more than I would have.

Cheers and happy practicing!
Yeah Avoid Barre chords until you have the open chords nailed to perfection.
I would try out Marty Schwartz on youtube, he is fantastic. Gives great song lessons.

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I'd second picking up an easy song book and seeing what you like. The Hal Leonard easy guitar books have songs that you can play fairly easily early on and also include a page of various strum patterns so you can figure out different rhythms. That said, like everyone else here, I'd keep working on changes in open chords for a while.
Yea i second Justinguitar.com. And you also should work on chord transitions. Sure you can finger the chords but i'm pretty sure your transition is still in tje dumps after just one day. Heck, too me a whole day to get G to Cadd9 -__-
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You could also try searching up for some guitar exercises, which help you get used to playing notes without looking at them. Then there's playing the basic songs, understanding the notes, and so on.

Also, practice everyday. It helps. A lot.
Buy some good graded guitar books and practice them for couple of years. Learn to read music. Practice slowly and in small bits. Keep on checking youtube