My band silver orchids is looking to replace our second bassist after he plans to leave for uni so we would be looking for a full time replacement for around june but we would like to get to know and play with them before then.

Our preferences are melodic players who are keen with improv and slightly virtuoso but improv dosent have to be there strongest skill and to be able to work well with drummers and knows how to lay down a rythm. we would very much like to know who your influences are.

Age isnt a problem but we would be looking for someone at the oldest of 20 as we are keen to keep our age groups tight. our band plays alot of rock and likes to change styles now and then to keep it edgy so if your a rock bassist who loves funk no problem.

if your interested

let us know
well it depends how old over 20 they would be as we want to remain a group close in age to each other