So I am about to graduate school and am looking to start getting heavily into writing, recording, and producing stuff. I am trying to figure out whether to go the AxeFx route or whether to drop the money for a head/cab combo.

The pros I have for going AxeFx is that it gives me a massive variety of styles that I can dial in and it also allows me to record in a small apartment with the full range of sound that I wouldn't be able to get with something like a Peavy or ENGL tuned to like 1-2 on the volume.

Cons are I am not familiar with AxeFx and would have to spend time learning to dial in good sounding patches. Additionally, I am unsure whether I can just buy an AxeFx. Can I run the guitar direct into the box and then run a line into the sound card on my computer? Right now I am not that concerned with live playing yet but it's time I get a serious upgrade in sound as I have been playing through a POS practice amp in my dorm for the last 4 years.

If I am playing with only the AxeFx is the sound going to be coming out of my computer speakers or do I need to run it through an amp to get any actual sound?
AxeFX is very VERY VERY over priced. I've honestly seen people get better sounds out of free amp sims.

Just invest in a good interface
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