I like to play my guitar and sing, but have never really preformed for a lot of people. I was thinking of trying out for the talent show at my high school , but I have some concerns. One major concern is I don't know if I will right a suitable song in enough time. Is it ok to preform someone else's song at the talent show?

Have any of you played at talent shows alone? I am not in a band so I would have to play and sing alone, which I don't mind doing.

Do normal people preform at high school talent shows?
I feel cheap stealing somebody else's song. I wish I could just write a damn song.
covers are what most people play, both at talent shows and in clubs. not only that, but chances of pleasing your audience are much higher if you play a song they know and like. especially because this would be your first time, but also because it makes sense to give your audience what they want, why not find a cover that they'll want to hear?

i've played talent shows, jams, open mics and actual shows. at every one, more people were playing other people's songs than their own. it's normal.
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So I should find a popular song. I play a lot of relatively unpopular music. Country, Matchbox Twenty, a little Green Day.... It's a little different from the rap and hard rock that most high school kids listen to.
Hate to tell you dude, but go look through the popular kids music. You will find little hidden treasures that will make you smile. The b sides we love wont be there but you can probably find some singles, Green Day- Time of your like, and that matchbox song that for the life of me i cant remember but its stuck in my head right now. You can also transcribe a rap song for guitar. I like doing that and some of the more popular songs already have the chords for them
Stay within your capabilities. If you can't write well yet, you are putting too much pressure on yourself.

A way you can impart some originality while not writing the song yourself is this:

Select a song outside of your normal music style. Then re-purpose it to your stage style. For example, Johnny Cash did a Nine Inch Nails cover.

It looks like you are going to play solo acoustic and sing. So go opposite. Select a song that is normally loud, gigantic, and has lots of instrumentation. Then you do it acoustic with one voice. If you're a rock guy, find an R&B song to rework. Add some embellishments and reworkings to the melody for some surprise.

If you sing very well, that will be all the originality you need to light the room up.
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...and that matchbox song that for the life of me i cant remember but its stuck in my head right now.

"How Far We've Come"?
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